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Limited Edition Artwork

Make an ordinary space extraordinary with photographs that carry you beyond the everyday. Find what inspires you; a dream destination, a sweet remembrance, a kaleidoscope of color. Scroll through the collections below for the perfect image to enhance your space at home or in the office. The limited edition artwork is available either as a framed print, on canvas or on metal.

Grand Medley.jpg
Autumn Glory Collection

We all know that moment when summer first starts to slip away but we’re happy about the autumn to come.  The air is crisper, the worn in sweatshirt feels good, the sky is a whole other shade of blue.  And the trees put on a show that rivals fireworks, sunsets, a box of crayons.  One last hurrah before a long winter nap.

Foam Rising DSC_4208.JPG
Beaches Collection

There’s no light like beach light. It is magical every part of the day. If you’re lucky enough to catch it when no one else is looking, except maybe a stray gull or two, then you know the wonder of feeling like the world was made just for you.

Artist's Palette DSC_1539_2.JPG
Colors & Patterns Collection

These photographs are in some way the most revealing about who I am. I see the extraordinary in the every day., I’m drawn as much to the candy covered apples as I am to one of kind hand crafted boots. They are playful, colorful, whimsical and they all make me smile.

Camden Yards (H)DSC_5464.JPG
DC & Maryland Collection

I’m lucky enough to have two playgrounds in my backyard. Washington DC makes you stand up straight and take notice, maybe a little too serious for my taste.  Give me the Ravens and the O’s and a bottle of Natty Boh.  Now that’s pleasant living!

Fresh Cherries DSC_0182.JPG
Food, Flowers & Wine Collection

If photographs had a scent, I’d dare you to not reach in to smell the fresh baked bread, the roses or uncorked chardonnay. These are photographs that make your other senses want to join in…to eat that cherry, taste the wine and indulge in all the ice cream you want.

Overlooking The Village - Santorini, Gre
Greece Collection

The feeling you get when you visit the Greek Islands in Greece is like none other in the world. It’s like stepping back in time to when life was simple and beautiful with homes carved into cliffs high above the sapphire waters, and life is lived in the most perfect way.

The Bridge In Burano DSC_0280.JPG
Italy Collection

It’s impossible to visit Italy and not be taken in by all it’s charms. The colors, the food, the architecture, along with the way time seems to have stopped at the perfect moment. Nothing compares to turning a corner and being surprised by the way your senses fill the frame. And then settling in and wishing you could call Italy home.

Lounging Amidst The Aspens
Rocky Mountains Collection

No where in the world changes seasons quite like the Rocky Mountains. Each one is more beautiful than the next and picking a favorite time to be there would be like picking a favorite dessert. Once the Mountains embrace you, it’s hard to let them go. Hope these pictures give you a sense of being there!

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