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More About Jill

Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

I got hooked with my first Kodak Instamatic camera, the one with an actual flashcube that popped and spun with every shot. Took lots of pictures of friends’ birthday parties, melting ice cream cones, my brother screaming down the big slide at our local park, and family vacations at the beach. They might not have been focused or cropped just right but they showed the joy I found in everything around me.

As an adult, I began to photograph corporate, celebrity, and charity golf outings. What began as a hobby turned in to a profession. I spent years traveling the country, from golf course to golf course, camera in hand. You name the course and event, and I was probably there behind the lens.

With the arrival of my children, came a new photographic interest: Babies. As newborns and babies, I found them to be such fascinating subjects. My kids quickly became accustomed to the click of the camera and the light of the flash. As they grew, I was there capturing every bit of their little hands and feet, every expression of their faces.

I began to get requests from friends whose “snapshots” didn’t do justice to capturing their children’s lives. That’s when I began to professionally photograph children and families. Portraits of high school seniors was a natural outgrowth of that work.


Now that my own children are older, and I have a little more time on my hands, I’ve added another photographic interest: Travel & Art Photography. My idea of bliss?  A 10 day trip to someplace I’ve never been before (as I did with these Italy photos) with only my first night’s hotel booked.  I let my camera (and stomach) decide where to go, traveling off the cobblestoned path and capturing incredible moments in surprising places at every turn.  Life is about the spontaneous journey, not the expected destination.  That’s the approach I take with my lifestyle photographs, the more organic and less constrained, the better and truer the image.

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m either on the slopes with my kids Allie and Kyle, a yoga mat, a water ski or on a long walk with my husband, Monty and our dog Caico.  A perfect day ends sharing a glass of wine with friends and family, a good laugh and an eagerness to see what tomorrow will bring.

Thanks for visiting my site!  I hope to help you celebrate your life and interests with photographs that reflect the way you live.

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